May, 1961Company founder Yoshimasa Ebisawa established Kanto Seiki Co., Ltd in Eda (current Eda Plant), Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture with ¥5,000,000, and started the production of “Steering Gear Case” dedicated to automobile.
July, 1963The capital was increased to ¥9,800,000.
August, 1964The plant was enlarged to meet the increased orders of “Steering Gear Case”. We performed the experiment for the thermal displacement of a machine tool in the company, analyzed the effect of oil temperature change to a machine tool, developed the “Automatic Oil Temperature Control Machine” based on the analysis result, and produced a test model.
November, 1968The capital was increased to ¥19,800,000.


April, 1970The orders for “OILMATIC” increased, and a new plant “Ohtomo Plant” (current Head office plant) was built in Otomo (current Ohwatari) in Maebashi, Gunma, and started the operation as a plant dedicated to OILMATIC and cooling machines.
December, 1970The capital was increased to ¥29,400,000.
1971The refrigeration dehumidifier “AIRMATIC” was developed and marketed.
April, 1973We concluded the sole agency agreement with Uhuba Zehandel Company (UHAG, Switzerland, Zurich) for the sales of OILMATIC in Europe, and started the export to Europe.
Three utility model patents concerning OILMATIC were approved.
We tied up with Tohatsu Co., Ltd., and started the manufacture of small refrigerator for a refrigerator truck for a cold chain.
July, 1974The capital was increased to ¥33,220,000.
The plant local cold air apparatus (spot cooler) “Creezer” was completed, and we started the sales.
1976Four patents concerning OILMATIC were approved.
The machine tool department was separated as an independent division, and machine tools and engineers were increased. The system was completed to meet the increased orders for special-purpose machines, automatic assembling machines, and precision jigs.
August, 1977The capital was increased to ¥40,000,000.


November, 1981The head office was moved to Otomo Plant, and the cooling machine plant was added to the head office plant to increase the production of OILMATIC.
The machine tool plant was moved to the old cooling machine plant, and the production systems of each department were drastically increased.
May, 1982The automatic mold temperature control machine “MOLDMATIC” series was developed, and its sales were started.
July, 1982The capital was increased to ¥48,400,000.
October, 1982The cooling machine department developed the high-precision oil temperature control machine in preparation for future increase of precision in machine tools.
The machine tool department developed new products such as “Pick & Place”, “Cartesian coordinate system robot”, and “NC control box-packing machine”.
“PICKMATIC” was introduced in the industrial robot field as an auto-handling system.
April, 1983The capital was increased to ¥85,000,000.
We achieved the capital participation of Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment Co., Ltd.
We were designated as “Small and Medium Rationalization Model Plant” in Gunma prefecture.
July, 1986The merchandise development section was established.
October, 1986The Fa system module “Tray Changer” series was completed, and we started the sales.


July, 1990The capital was increased to ¥93,500,000.
May, 1991The machine tool plant was expanded in Eda plant.
The integrated manufacturing system of cooling machine and machine tool was established.
March, 1992The multi-tier automatic warehouse was newly established in the head office plant.
April, 1992We were approved as a Small and Medium Rationalization Model Plant by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
August, 1992The head office building was expanded in the head office plant.
1998We developed the inverter control Oilmatic ahead of the industry to meet the high-speed and high-precision spindle in the machining center, and acquired a patent.
We started rolling out of the products as the MRSC(D) series.


2000Full model change by shifting Freon gas of all Oilmatic models to new refrigerant “R-407C” for the first time in the industry.
April, 2001Eda cooling machine plant was expanded in Eda plant.
October, 2001The machine tool department was approved as “1 company 1 technology” in Gunma prefecture.
January, 2002We acquired ISO9001 certification.
2004We introduced the recycling inverter control Oilmatic “C series” enabling environmentally conscious high-precision wide-range liquid temperature control. It was exhibited in the 22nd Japan International Machine Tool Trade Fair (JIMTOF2004).
September, 2004We acquired ISO certification.
2006We introduced the immersion type inverter control Oilmatic “V series” to meet the high precision coolant cooling. It was exhibited in the 23rd Japan International Machine Tool Trade Fair (JIMTOF2006).
April, 2006The multi-tier automatic warehouse was extended in the head office plant.
2009We succeeded in development of the high-precision liquid control machine for the super-precision machine tool. We confirmed the achievement of temperature precision of ±0.000055°C under the environment with a room temperature fluctuation of ±0.04°C, and published the report.


2010The non-Freon type Oilmatic “Cnx750” using carbon dioxide (CO²) considering the global warming potential (GWS) was reference exhibited in Japan Machine Tool Trade Fair (JIMTOF2010).
2011We started the sales of Oilmatic “M Series” capable of controlling temperatures at two more locations by one set, and Oilmatic “Cµ Series” capable of controlling temperatures with high precision of ±0.055°C.
We obtained a patent in the technology of the super-precision temperature control (long time temperature ±0.001°C) and super-precision pressure control (long time precision ±1kPa).
We obtained a patent in the pulse bypass value inverter PID control technology and enabled the continuous high-precision temperature control from a non-load/low-load region to maximum heat load.
2012Our plant was approved as a small and medium model plant in Gunma prefecture.
We obtained a patent in the dual bypass valve non-inverter PID control technology.
2016Appointed as Gunma prefecture’s Model Small and Medium Enterprise Plant.
Nominated as "VIBRANT(HABATAKU) Small and Medium Enterprises 300" of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Completed transitional inspection for both ISO9001 (QMS) and ISO14001(EMS) revised version of 2015.
Established corporate mission "we stand behind the brand" and started operation with management integration manual “Komass ver1.0".

Cµ Series