Corporate Mission of Kanto Seiki

We stand behind the brand.

Industrial products, parts that make up those and machine tools and industrial machinery that manipulate those parts; there are “brands” in each industrial fields. Standing behind these “brands” that supports production site. Supporting those “brands” at production sites under the hood, we deem our products and ourselves should also be a “brand”.

Our mission is to stand behind brands with pride in our work by refining business domain and position proactively on topics such as performance improvement of machine tools and industrial machinery including semiconductor equipment both domestically and internationally.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy of Kanto Seiki

  1. With frontier spirit as the backbone, we consistently challenge on the development of new products and new technologies and contribute to technological advancement of the industry.
  2. We ensure steady earnings and rewarding work under long and stable employment.
  3. We establish “Winning Value Chain” with partners and suppliers in Japan and abroad.


Principle of Kanto Seiki

Always be a pioneer

Grasp the needs and issues from “shop floor” accurately, set technical theme like prevention of global warming or factory automation, learn from mistake, cooperate with customer, and positively strive for solution.

Think “GLOCAL”

Always keep in mind that we are nurtured by “local” community yet our product supports the shop floor around the “globe” at high level, and cooperate with domestic and oversea partners.

Business Field

Business Field of Kanto Seiki

  1. In the 3 areas of “Machine Tool”, “Semiconductor equipment ・ Industrial Machinery” and “Factory Automation and Robot”
  3. Develop, design, manufacture and market various peripheral equipment including high precision liquid temperature control device, factory automation system and robot handling system that contribute to the performance improvement of production site.