MOLD MATICThe automatic mold temperature control machine “MOLDMATIC” has been developed and manufactured in 1976 as the automatic temperature control machine to control a heat medium oil at a high temperature (120°C) for the purpose of controlling the temperature of the main mechanism of the hydraulic press rubber molding machine.
Since then, the product was formally named “MOLDMATIC”, and manufactured in 1982 as the automatic mold temperature control machine for the plastic/rubber molding machine to satisfy the mold temperature control needs in the plastic/rubber molding industry “preventing affects to the molded product quality even when the product is subjected to economic disturbances such as molding cycle change, interruption, and room temperature fluctuation. The product is largely categorized into two types according to the kinds of heat medium, “oil” and “water”, and marketed as a series.
The product has evolved to meet various temperature control needs of molding by using our unique “heat transmission/fluid” technology and “temperature control” technology as the core technology in order to solve various problems of “heat” related to the mold temperature control in the plastic/rubber molding always reflecting the times.

Main Applications

The MOLDMATIC controls the temperature of heat medium (oil/water) of a mold with a high precision, and controls the mold temperature.
Generally, the main factor to determine the mold product quality is unevenness of the state that the molding material is solidified in a mold. This is thought to be caused by the speed difference in cooling due to a different mold temperature or the flow of resin in a mold. The mold temperature control largely affects the mold quality, and is very important in molding.

Product List

The MOLDMATIC is largely divided into the “KMA” series using “water” as a heat medium, and the “KMO” series using “heat medium oil”.


The “KMA” series is divided by the setting temperature range, the number of temperature control systems, and the condensation method (air cooling/water cooling).

  • KMA-Hseries

    (for water, with a built-in heater)

    When it is installed in line in an existing cooling circuit using a cooling water source, rapid mold temperature control is possible in addition to effective heating and cooling. The built-in pump compensates insufficient pressure, keeps sufficient circulation volume, and enables stable temperature control by switching a special circuit.

  • KMA-Rseries

    (for water, with a built-in refrigerator)

    The cooling-only type with a built-in refrigerator provides cooling water in a wide temperature range of 5°C - 40°C. The cooling circuit provides the cooling coil to pass refrigerant gas, controls the temperature while circulating a mold, enabling control with good response to a temperature change in a mold.

  • KMA-RHseries

    (for water, with a built-in refrigerator and a built-in heater)

    The type is provided with a built-in refrigerator and a built-in heater. One machine can control the temperature in a wide range of 5°C to 90°C for heating. At the startup time, the heater side increases the mold temperature in a short time, then the cooler side prevents a temperature increase and quickly controls the temperature to an appropriate value, enabling ideal mold temperature control.


The “KMO” series is divided into several series depending on the difference in the cooling system to meet a maximum settable temperature.

  • KMOseries

    (for heat exchange oil)

    The heater and cooler (water cooling/air cooling) are provided inline in the medium oil circuit, to perform high-precision mold temperature control at a stable flow rate with a constant flow pump. Because the structure difficult to increase the oil temperature in the tank is adopted, and the oxidation of the medium oil can be prevented.

Supportable special specifications

Different voltages, with a weekly timer, patrol light, manifold, etc.

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