Supporting the automation based on
the handling technology

The PICKMATIC is a general brand name of the parts handling system and automation machines of KANTO SEIKI. We provide consistent service in development, design, manufacturing, and adjustment of each automation project, as well as providing the handling products developed by ourself.
The PICKMATIC is based on the tray transport FA system module “Tray Changer”, development of the general-purpose robot handling system, and design and production of the machines dedicated to automatization of processing, assembling and inspection. Please use our machines to support automation of production lines.

PICKMATIC service area and automation technology

Automatic Transportation

Tray changer enabling unattended long time operation

The tray changer is a parts tray transportation system developed to use expensive processing machines and assembling machines without loss such as downtime.
TRAY CHANGERThe tray changer enables stacking and aligned stock of trays and pallets containing parts and products, parts supply to the equipment, and housing of processed products. More than ten standard types are available depending upon the tray housing method and moving flow, realizing optimum systematization.
The tray changer uses the tray on the market, and supports the customer’s own tray. Available in a wide variety from large capacity stock to many kinds of small lot stock, enabling long time unattended operation, efficient process setup, and management of multiple facilities by the worker.
Various transportation units are provided in addition to the “Pick & Place” to pickup and set the parts, making it possible to propose, design, and manufacture an automation apparatus in combination with the tray changer.

  • tray changer A type
  • tray changer B type
  • tray changer E type
Transportation Robot

Reliable support of the robot handling based on rich experience

We support design, production, and systematization of the automatic handling system incorporating a general-purpose robot. The robot of any manufacturer can be used. We have many achievements in combination with the tray changer, and have rich experience in system construction without using the tray changer. The machine not designed for special purpose permits applications and diversions even when the object work and line layout are changed.
The introduction results include the system combining the articulated robot and tray changer for nighttime unattended operation, and the tray changer system with the articulated robot that supplies the work to the machining center, and houses the work after processing. We can also support construction of the image processing system that corrects positions and detect flaws by using a camera. We have also the results of development of the robot itself, and can fully apply high technology and know-how in system development using a robot.

Specialized machine

Development of the original machines for automatization of processing, assembling and inspection

We cooperate with the customer to develop the production machine and system which are difficult to be develped only by combination of standard FA modules.
We can support development of original automation machine and system for processing, assembling and inspection based on our rich experience and know-how cultivated by our years of experience in designing and manufacturing of automation machines.

  • Glass substrate transportation robot in the liquid crystal panel production line
  • Automatic inspection equipment by image processing in the container production line
  • Consistent mounting, inspection, and packing of the parts output from the molding machine
  • Production of a prototype for verifying the production line

We have designed, developed, and manufactured many special-purpose machines for industrial and consumer goods, including the results not opened to the public.