We stand behind the brand.

Our customers are manufacturers of “manufacturing goods” such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that boast extremely high precision and production efficiency, as well as excellent “production sites” around the world that produce parts and products processed by them. All of our customers have extremely strong brand power. Through improving the performance of various “manufacturer goods” such as machine tools and automating “production sites”, we will become an indispensable behind-the-scenes force in manufacturing sites and fulfill our duty to support our customers’ brands. I see it as my mission.

We also want to exist as a brand that supports our customers’ brands. Aiming to realize this never-ending mission, while taking pride in our daily work, we will continue to take on challenges as a united company based on a pioneering spirit while responding to changes in the environment both inside and outside the company.

President and CEO Kanto Seiki Co., Ltd. Tsuyoshi Ebisawa