Dedicated cleaning agent for OILMATIC condenser Fin Refresher

Dedicated cleaning agent for OILMATIC condenser
Fin Refresher

Product Summary

  • What is Fin Refresher?

    Fin Refresher is a maintenance cleaner that removes stubborn oil stains from “OILMATIC” capacitors, which have been used in factories for many years.

  • Why do you need a fin refresher?

    In many production sites where machine tools are used, misted processing oil adheres to the fins of the OILMATIC and clogs the fins. Many cases have been seen.

    From the standpoint of preventive maintenance, we have developed a cleaning agent dedicated to condensers, “Matic Care Fin Refresher,” in cooperation with maintenance companies and chemical manufacturers.

Precautions for use

Product nameMatic Care Fin Refresher
Capacity500ml, 4L
ApplicationDedicated cleaning agent for fins (water-soluble cleaning agent)
liquidAlkaline (pH 13 or higher)
IngredientFirst products/mixtures (aminos, organic acid salts, water, inorganic alkalis, inorganic salts, surfactants, coloring agents)
how to useMake sure that cleaning agents do not adversely affect the work environment, equipment used, products, or parts. Spray directly on the oilmatic condenser fins for cleaning.
If the fins are very dirty, scrub them with a brush or the like so as not to damage the fins. Wipe off with a waste cloth so that the liquid does not drip on the floor.

Product features

  • Developed independently with a dedicated manufacturer, it removes stubborn oil stains adhering to aluminum fins and prevents clogging of capacitors.
  • Although alkaline, it does not corrode aluminum fins.
  • Regular maintenance restores and maintains the performance of OILMATIC.
  • It can be used even during operation.

how to use

  1. (1) Spray this product on the dirty capacitor.

  2. (2) Wipe off dirt with a waste cloth.

  3. (3) If it is very dirty, gently rub it with a soft brush.

  1. Before

  2. After

Precautions for use

  • Before use, be sure to read the “Safety Data Sheet (SDS)” and do not handle until you understand.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.
  • Wear appropriate protective equipment such as protective gloves, protective clothing, protective glasses, and a protective mask.
  • Use only in a well-ventilated environment.
  • Do not mix with preservatives containing nitrites.
  • Do not touch, inhale or swallow.
  • After use, be sure to wash your hands under running water.
  • For storage, keep the container tightly closed and locked in a cool, well-ventilated place, and keep out of reach of children.
  • Disposal should be outsourced to a specialized waste disposal company.

First aid

  • If inhaled, move to fresh air, rest in a position comfortable for breathing, and call a doctor immediately.
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water and contact a doctor immediately.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse cautiously with clean water for 15 minutes and call a doctor immediately.
  • If swallowed, rinse mouth, do not induce vomiting, and immediately contact a doctor.