Rapid mold temperature control that supports molding quality

The heat medium (oil/water) circulating in the mold is rapidly heated and cooled with high precision, and the temperature of the mold is controlled with high precision and good responsiveness. We have developed series for water and oil respectively, and we have products for injection molding, press molding, blow molding, resin and rubber molds.

Product lineup that responds to various molding methods

To ensure high molding quality, it is important to be able to heat and cool the mold quickly according to the molding cycle. “Moldmatic” precisely controls the temperature of the heat transfer medium (oil/water) in injection molding and press molding dies for plastic and rubber, and accurately controls the temperature of the dies.

Series classification

The product lineup consists of the “KMA” series, which uses “water” as a heat medium, and the “KMO” series, which uses “heat medium oil” on a trial basis. Each KMA series is divided into series according to the set temperature range (built-in refrigerator/heater), the number of temperature control systems, and the condensation method (air-cooled/water-cooled). The KMO series is divided into a series with a maximum supply liquid temperature of 150°C and a series with a maximum supply liquid temperature of 200°C.


KMA series: heat medium = water

  • KMA-H series

    • for water
    • Built-in heater

    When installed in-line with an existing cooling circuit using a cooling water source, heating and cooling can be performed effectively, enabling rapid temperature control of the mold. A built-in pump compensates for the lack of pressure in the cooling water source to maintain a sufficient circulation volume, and a special circuit switching operation enables stable temperature control.

  • KMA-R series

    • for water
    • Built-in heater

    It is a cooling-only type with a built-in refrigerator, and cooling water can be obtained in a wide temperature range of 5°C to 40°C. A cooling coil through which refrigerant gas passes is arranged in the cooling circuit, and the temperature is controlled while circulating the mold, so it is possible to control with good responsiveness to the temperature change of the mold.

  • KMA-RH series

    • for water
    • Built-in heater

    It is a type with a built-in refrigerator and heater, and a single unit can control temperatures over a wide range of 5°C and up to 90°C. At the start, the heating side heats up the mold in a short time, and after that, the cooling side prevents the temperature from rising and quickly controls the temperature to an appropriate level, enabling ideal temperature control of the mold.

KMO series: heat medium = oil

  • KMO series

    • for oil
    • Built-in heater/cooler (water cooling/air cooling)

    The heater and cooler (water-cooled/air-cooled) are arranged inline in the medium oil circuit, and the temperature of the mold can be controlled with high accuracy with a stable flow rate by a constant flow pump. Since it adopts a structure that prevents the oil temperature from rising in the tank, it is a type that is also resistant to oxidation of the medium oil.