What should I do with this automation?
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FA (Factory Automation) system based on automatic handling system. Based on the analysis of the customer’s production site, rather than selling individual equipment, we consistently provide design, development, production, and introduction support for automation systems for manufacturing and inspection processes and robot handling systems. There is also an automation module for the handling system developed in-house, which can shorten the development period.

Product Summary

Supports automation based on handling technology

When building a production system that introduces mechatronics equipment in NC machine tools, assembly lines, etc., the automation and efficiency of transport are important factors. PickMatic is a system centered on the FA system module “Tray Changer”, which uses commercially available trays as a medium and aims at standardization of transportation. Based on our accumulated know-how, we respond to a wide range of customer needs and contribute to the realization of FA.

Product features

  • It can be used in a wide range of areas such as parts processing and assembly work.
  • It is suitable not only for mass production, but also for medium-volume production of a wide variety of products.
  • We can also handle castings with complex shapes and sub-assembly parts.
  • The storage capacity is extremely large, enabling unmanned supply for long periods of time and enabling unmanned operation at night for parts machining with short cycle times.
  • By combining functional modules for feeding, inserting, and transporting, it is possible to eliminate wasteful transfer between transporting and feeding devices and simplify handling.
  • The tray circulation function makes it possible to reduce the floor space and make effective use of the factory space.
  • 30 years of experience in automation technology

    It was in 1982 that Kanto Seiki developed module products necessary for automation based on the automation technology it had cultivated in-house and expanded into external sales. Since then, for more than 30 years, we have helped many customers with “automation” along with the evolution of automation technology. The accumulation of experience and achievements, technology and know-how during this time is the greatest strength of Pickmatic, which can propose solutions to any problem.

  • The idea of ​​a machine that does not damage parts

    The tray changer lifts and moves the tray by loosely supporting it. In addition, the bar of the movable part also has a hanging structure. This is designed to absorb the impact and not damage the parts inside, even if the tray hits something while moving. PickMatic is developed on the premise that any automation will handle parts carefully and never damage them.

  • Handling is the key to automation

    The basic idea behind Pickmatic is that the handling mechanism and technology hold the key to success in building automated equipment and systems. That’s why we put our unique ideas and technology into handling to the fullest extent and put together the entire automation system. We are confident that a highly reliable and stable system will be born from this.


Automatic transfer

Tray changer that enables unmanned operation for long periods of time

The tray changer is a parts tray transfer system developed to utilize expensive processing equipment and assembly machines without downtime loss. Trays and pallets containing parts and products can be stacked, aligned and stocked, parts can be supplied to equipment, and processed products can be stored. More than 10 standard types are available, depending on the tray storage method and movement flow, to achieve optimal systemization.

The tray changer uses commercially available trays, but also supports customer-specific trays. In addition, it has a wide variety of variations, from large-capacity stock to stock for high-mix low-volume production, enabling long unmanned operation, efficient process setup, and multiple equipment management by workers.

In addition to the “Pick & Place” that picks up and sets parts, we are also equipped with various transport units, and we can propose, design, and manufacture automation equipment combined with a tray changer.

  • Tray changer A type

  • Tray changer B type

  • Tray changer E type