Connection between Kanto Seiki and society

Higher quality and higher precision. As technology progresses rapidly, the needs imposed on manufacturing are becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to dramatically improve the performance and reliability of mother machines, machine tools, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that play a key role in manufacturing, our high-precision liquid temperature control technology centered on thermal displacement suppression is used to spread manufacturing globally. I support you.


Supporting the “brand” and “quality” of products that spread throughout the world

Various products that enrich life

Automobiles, railroads, aerospace, energy, medical care, food, agriculture, construction, electrical/electronics/semiconductors… Various products that enrich people’s lives continue to evolve technologically. Higher quality and higher precision. The higher the level required, the more powerful our products are.

A “manufacturing site” that produces parts

For example, automobiles are made up of various parts such as metal parts such as engine parts and bodies, as well as rubber and plastic products. These parts are made by directly processing materials with machine tools, or by molding materials using molds carved out by machine tools. The stage where our products play an active role directly is the “manufacturing site” that spreads globally.

machine tools = “Mother machine”

All machines and products are made from parts, so the accuracy of the machine tools that produce them greatly affects the accuracy of the final product. It is no exaggeration to say that the role of machine tools is to efficiently process materials into the required shape and accuracy by “cutting”, “grinding”, and “polishing”, and it is no exaggeration to say that machine tools determine the quality of products. Eliminating all heat-related problems and supporting machine tools at a high level of precision are the important missions of our products and solutions.

 “liquid temperature control technology” of Kanto Seiki

Machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment can process in units of μm (micrometer) or less, which is difficult to see with the naked eye. At that level, high-precision liquid temperature control is essential for the oil used to cool the spindle motors and coolant liquids of machine tools, and the water used to cool the grinding wheel motors used in semiconductor wafer processing. increase. We have accumulated know-how in the field of basic research for more than half a century regarding thermal displacement suppression and heat transfer control. We continue to support high-precision manufacturing in various places around the world, based on the development results (patent) of liquid temperature control of “±0.00055°C” achieved with Oilmatic for hydrostatic pressure of ultra-precision grinders. 

“Automatic oil and liquid temperature Regulator” series of Kanto Seiki 

“Automatic Handling System” Series of Kanto Seiki

PickMatic is a system centered on the FA system module “Tray Changer”, which uses commercially available trays as a medium and aims at standardization of transportation. Based on our accumulated know-how, we respond to a wide range of customer needs and contribute to the realization of FA, from inexpensive “pick and place” and NC-controlled composite handling systems to building systems that combine robots.