management policy

Corporate mission

We want to be a brand that supports brands

 The final industrial product, the parts that make up the industrial product, and the machine tools and industrial machinery that process those parts, each field has a “brand”, and we support the “brand” of the production site behind the scenes. We believe that ourselves and our products should also be ‘brands’.

 We have defined our own business domain and position, and are proud of our daily work in the themes and domains such as improving the performance of various industrial machines, including machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and automating production sites, both domestically and internationally. Our mission is to fulfill our duty of “supporting the brand”.

Management philosophy

  1. With a pioneering spirit as our backbone, we constantly challenge ourselves to develop new products and new technologies, and contribute to technological improvements in the industrial world.
  2. We secure reliable earnings and find job satisfaction in a long-term and stable employment environment.
  3. We build a “win-win value chain” together with domestic and foreign partners and suppliers.

Management policy

 Based on our mission of “becoming a brand that supports our brands”, we are always thinking about how society will change in the times, while refining our core competencies, and each and every employee strives to realize “what we should be”. We strive to maximize our performance.

Medium-term vision

 Transform into a medium-sized company that represents the region, and become a company that continues to grow to solve the problems of customers and society.

63rd Basic Policy

From the new “manufacturing site,” we will boldly take on the challenge of reform with an eye to the future, and work together with customers and suppliers to co-create value,

we aim to both solve social issues and achieve growth for the company, including individual employees.

63rd basic behavior (motto)

We will create the best results and value as a single team by sharing ideas from diverse perspectives and being aware of ”harmony among people”.

quality policy

for all customers,

Deliver genuine satisfaction

 Our customers are manufacturers of “manufacturing goods” such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that boast extremely high precision and production efficiency, as well as excellent “production sites” that produce the parts and products processed by them. Both companies have extremely high brand power.

 As a company that provides products and services that support these “brands,” we also want to be a “brand” that walks together with our customers.

 We have defined our own business domain and standing position, and we are proud of our daily work on the theme of improving the performance of “manufacturer goods” such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automating “production sites” both in Japan and overseas. It is our mission and basic management policy to create products and provide services that support our customers’ brands.

 Aiming to deliver essential satisfaction to all customers, we will work together as a company and review this policy and goals as appropriate in response to changes in the external environment such as market trends and technological innovations. I plan.

Environmental policy

Through corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment

contribute to society

 We recognize that the preservation of the earth’s ecosystem and the natural environment is the most important issue shared by all humankind. In order to contribute to society through corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment, we have established the following policies in order to secure the necessary management resources and to develop sustainable businesses suitable for a member of a recycling-oriented society. .

  1. We promote development to prevent global warming and carry out continuous activities.
  2. Considering the life cycle, we supply products with less environmental impact.
  3. In addition to working to reduce energy consumption in our business activities, we will also consider environmental conservation in the surrounding area and strive for harmony with the local community.
  4. We will comply with domestic and foreign environment-related laws, and share the spirit of compliance with all employees.
  5. We disclose environmental information in a timely manner.

Please refer to the Credo for the management policy for the current fiscal year (63rd fiscal year: ending April 2024).