Business Area

Our business is characterized by our consistent efforts to improve the performance of “producer goods” such as machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and industrial machinery based on the research and development of liquid temperature control technology that suppresses thermal displacement. on the point. Today, our customers and business partners are highly competitive Japanese machine tool, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and industrial machinery manufacturers, as well as domestic and overseas production sites that produce high-quality products and high-precision parts. has become a major area.


Cooperation with 

manufacturers and users

For more than half a century, we have cooperated with the development teams of manufacturers of production goods such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and have sincerely dealt with a wide variety of requests and issues from users in the field of manufacturing. This is what motivates our engineers and motivates us to improve our technical capabilities. We have a firm grasp of manufacturing site issues that cannot be easily resolved by other companies, and the spirit of development that has flowed since our founding leads to the development of products and solutions that are one step ahead of the industry.

Connection between Kanto      Seiki and society


Environmentally friendly high-precision
liquid temperature control technology

Our products are devices that aim to improve the performance of production goods, such as “suppression of thermal displacement” to realize high-speed and high-precision machine tools. “excellent liquid temperature control technology”. A series of energy-saving related technologies for building a decarbonized society and products that use “green refrigerants” to combat global warming, based on many years of research know-how on thermal displacement control and heat transfer in machine tools, etc., and the results of that research. We provide unique products and solutions that support the high performance of production goods while being environmentally friendly.

Product information


Global Network

Our products, which are developed from the multifaceted perspective of “Think ‘GLOCAL'”, are playing an active role in manufacturing sites that are expanding globally. We have set up our own partner companies in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Central and South America, where many Japanese manufacturers have advanced, and have built a system for close cooperation. In each country, we promptly respond to requests for sales and after-sales service, etc., and provide feedback for product development that meets the standards and usability of each country.

Global Network