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Maintenance diagnosis sheet

In principle, our products are provided with individual specifications for each machine tool/industrial machine manufacturer, and under the guarantee of the machine manufacturer, we have achieved suppression of thermal displacement and maintenance of accuracy for the entire machine/equipment.

Therefore, if you need maintenance due to a problem, please be sure to contact the manufacturer of the machine tool/industrial machine that our product such as Oilmatic is attached to, or the place of purchase. (The same applies to failures and defects of Oilmatic installed outside Japan.)

At that time, after checking not only the model number ② but also the ① “MFG No.” attached to the side of our products such as OILMATIC, Please fill in the “check sheet” on this site with the model name, SpcNo (specified in the specifications) of the product such as Matic, and the specific details of the problem (if an alarm is issued, the type of alarm). After filling in the form, please contact the place of purchase or our company.

Sticker attached to the side of the product

Check sheet

If you would like a detailed diagnosis, please fill out the “Check Sheet” and
Please contact the place of purchase or our contact information above.

Click here for the check sheet(PDF)

Inquiries about model selection

When selecting an oilmatic or purematic model,
Please fill out the “Model Selection Survey Sheet” and contact us.

Model Selection Survey Sheet(PDF)