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Company Profile

nameKanto Seiki Co., Ltd.
EstablishedMay 10, 1961
capital93.5 million yen
Accounting periodOnce a year April
BankMizuho Bank Maebashi Branch
Gunma Bank Head Office Sales Department
Japan Finance Corporation Maebashi Branch
Major shareholderTokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
board member

Representative Director and President     Tsuyoshi Ebisawa
Executive Managing Director                      Hideki Kanai
Director                                                Yasuyuki Yamaguchi
Auditor                                                  Eiichi Otsuka
Auditor                                                  Eiichi Ishikawa

Factory site areaHeadquarters Factory/8,042㎡
Eda Factory/9,089㎡
factory buildingHeadquarters Factory/4,279㎡
Eda Factory/6,204㎡
number of employees183 (as of June 2022)
Membership of professional institutionsJapan Machine Tool Manufacturers Association Japan
Precision Machinery Manufacturers Association
locationHead office factory2-1-10 Owatari-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0854
TEL: +81-27-251-2121 (Representative)
Fax: +81-27-255-3427
Eda Factory456 Edamachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0836
TEL: +81-27-254-4544 (main)
FAX: +81-27-252-1519
Business contentFor machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other industrial equipment

  • “Oilmatic” (liquid temperature automatic adjustment machine)
  • “Moldmatic” (mold temperature automatic adjustment machine)
  • Others Development, design, manufacture and sale of high-precision liquid temperature control devices
  • “Pickmatic” (automatic transport device)
  • Development, design, manufacture, and sales of industrial robots, automatic assembly machines, and special-purpose machines



May 1961Founder Yoshimasa Mozawa established Kanto Seiki Co., Ltd. in Eda-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture (currently “Eda Factory”) with a capital of 5 million yen.
Started production of “steering gear cases” for automobiles.
July 1963Capital increased to 9.8 million yen.
August 1964Expanded the factory in response to an increase in orders for “steering gear cases.” Around this time, in-house experiments on the thermal displacement of machine tools finished analyzing the effects of changes in oil temperature on machine tools.
April 1965The product name of “Oil temperature automatic adjuster” is named “Oilmatic”. Started production and sales as OCH type.
November 1968Capital increased to 19.8 million yen.
  • 1965 Brochure for the first Oilmatic


April 1970Due to an increase in orders for Oilmatic, a new “Otomo Factory” (current head office factory) was constructed in Otomo-cho (currently Owatari-cho), Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. Started operation as a specialized factory for oilmatic and cooling equipment.
December 1970Capital increased to 29.4 million yen.
1971Developed and started sales of refrigerated dehumidifier “Airmatic”.
April 1973Concluded a sole agency agreement for Oilmatic in Europe with Übersehandel (UHAG: Zurich, Switzerland), and started exporting to Europe.
Three utility model patents related to Oilmatic are granted.
Formed a business alliance with Tohatsu Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing small refrigeration equipment for cold chain vehicles.
July 1974Capital increased to 33.22 million yen.
Completed and started sales of “Crease”, a local cold air device (spot cooler) for factories.
19764 patents related to Oilmatic are granted.
The Machinery Division was made independent, and the number of machine tools and engineers was increased. As a result, the company will be ready to deal with increased orders for specialized machines, automatic assembly machines, and precision jigs.
August 1977Capital increased to 40 million yen.
  • 1970 Scene at the time of the new construction of the Otomo Plant

  • 1970 Eda Factory at the time


November 1981Moved the head office to the “Otomo Factory” and expanded the chiller factory to increase oilmatic production, becoming the “Main Factory”.
In addition, the “machinery factory” was moved to the former chiller factory. The production system of each division will be dramatically strengthened.
May 1982Developed and started sales of mold automatic temperature controller “Moldmatic” series.
July 1982Capital increased to 48.4 million yen.
October 1982Developed a high-precision oil temperature control device in preparation for “higher precision machine tools,” which is expected to progress in the future.
Developed new products such as “Pick & Place”, “Cartesian coordinate system robot”, and “NC control box packing machine” in the Machinery Division.
Entered the field of industrial robots with the “Pickmatic” auto handling system.
April 1983Capital increased to 85 million yen. Obtained capital participation from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
Designated as a model factory for streamlining small and medium enterprises in Gunma Prefecture.
July 1986Established the Product Development Office.
October 1986Completed FA system module “Tray Changer” series and started sales.
  • 1981 Moved the head office to the “Otomo Factory” and became the “Main Factory”.


July 1990Capital increased to 93.5 million yen.
May 1991Added a new machine tool factory in the Eda Factory.
As a result, an integrated production system will be established for the Chiller Division and Machinery Division.
March 1992Established a new multi-level automated warehouse in the head office factory.
April 1992Designated as a small and medium enterprise streamlining model factory by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
August 1992Expanded the headquarters office building in the headquarters factory.
1998In order to respond to the high-speed and high-precision spindles of machining centers, we have developed and obtained a patent for the inverter control oilmatic, which is the first in the industry.
Started model development as MRSC(D) series.
  • Development of OILMATIC in 1990


the year of 2000Ahead of the industry, Freon gas in all Oilmatic models was changed to the new refrigerant “R-407C”, and a full model change was made.
April 2001Expanded the Eda Chiller Factory in the Eda Factory.
October 2001The Machinery Division was certified as “one company, one technology” by Gunma Prefecture. Click here for 1 company 1 technology
January 2002Acquired ISO9001 certification
2004Debut of the environment-friendly circulating inverter control oilmatic
“C series” that enables highly accurate liquid temperature control over a wide range. Exhibited at the 22nd Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF2004).
September 2004Acquired ISO14001 certification
2006Debut of immersion type inverter control oilmatic “V series” corresponding to high accuracy of coolant cooling. Exhibited at the 23rd Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF2006).
April 2006Expanded the multi-storey warehouse in the head office factory.
2009Succeeded in developing a high-precision liquid temperature controller for ultra-precision machine tools. Achieving a temperature accuracy of ±0.00055°C (measurement time: 36 hours) in an environment where the room temperature fluctuates ±0.04°C was confirmed and published in a paper.
  • 2004 OILMATIC “C series” debut


2010In consideration of the global warming potential (GWP), Cnx750, a CFC-free oilmatic that uses Co2 (carbon dioxide) as a refrigerant, was exhibited at the Japan Machine Tool Fair “JIMTOF2010” for reference.
2011Released the Oilmatic “M Series”, which allows temperature control at multiple locations with a single unit, and the Oilmatic “Cμ Series”, which enables high-precision temperature control of ±0.05°C.
Obtained a patent for the technology of ultra-precision temperature control (long-term accuracy ±0.001°C) and ultra-precision pressure control (long-term accuracy ±1kPa).
Acquired patent for pulse bypass valve type inverter PID control technology.
Continuous and highly accurate temperature control is possible from the no-load/low-load range to the maximum heat load.
year 2012Acquired Gunma Prefecture SME model factory certification.
Obtained a patent for non-inverter PID control technology with a dual bypass valve system.
2016Received designation as a small and medium-sized enterprise model factory in Gunma Prefecture.
Selected as one of the “300 small and medium-sized businesses that fly” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Completed transition audits to the 2015 versions of both ISO 9001 (QMS) and ISO 14001 (EMS).
Established the corporate mission, “We want to be the brand that supports the brand,” and started operation using the management integration manual, “Kompass ver1.0.”
2018CFC-free Oilmatic “Vnx1500” won the Judging Committee’s Special Award at the 21st Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention Awards (sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun).
Exhibited two CFC-free Oilmatic models at JIMTOF2018.
Selected as a “regional future driving company” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2019Obtained “Ikiiki G Company” basic certification from Gunma Prefecture as a business establishment in the prefecture that works to balance nursing care and work, promote the active participation of women in the workplace, and promote the work-life balance of employees.
  • 2011 Debuted OILMATIC “Cμ series” capable of high-precision temperature control of ±0.05℃

  • 2016 Gunma Prefecture “SME model factory” designation

  • 2016 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Selected as one of the 300 Small and Medium Enterprises

  • 2018 The 21st Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention Grand Prize Judging Committee Special Award

  • 2018 Developed CFC-free Oilmatic Vnx1500 and exhibited at JIMTOF2018

  • 2018 Selected as a “Regional Future Driving Company” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


2020Received renewal designation of small and medium-sized enterprise model factory in Gunma Prefecture.
The National Institute for Environmental Studies and the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun have evaluated our efforts to promote non-CFC manufacturing sites, and received the 47th Environmental Award for Excellence.
Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2020 as “a company that is winning out in a niche field in the global market” and “an excellent company that has businesses such as parts and materials that are becoming increasingly important in the supply chain amid changes in the international situation.” Selected as one of the 100 Global Niche Top Companies of the year.
2021Selected as “SDGs Gunma Business Practice” by Gunma Prefecture as a company that makes advanced efforts related to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations).
2022Abolishes the divisional system and shifts to a three-divisional system of “Sales Headquarters”, “Business Factory” and “Business Management Headquarters”.