for supports the accuracy of precision machining
Liquid temperature control

By controlling the temperature of various cooling liquids used in machine tools and industrial machinery with “high precision” and “high responsiveness”, thermal displacement of machines is suppressed and high precision machining of workpieces (workpieces) is realized. increase. There are also products with control accuracy of ±0.001 to 0.05°C and multi-control products that control multiple cooling areas.

Pioneer of liquid temperature automatic controllers for machine tools

“Oilmatic” was born in 1965. Our company, which was an automobile parts manufacturer, was faced with the issue of how to control the “heat” of the machine tools used and maintain machining accuracy. We studied the heat generation and thermal displacement of machines, derived theories and calculation methods, developed an automatic temperature controller for cooling oil to minimize heat problems, and eventually commercialized it as “Oilmatic.” is. Since then, we have always listened to the voices of the field, repeatedly developed technologies to solve heat-related problems, and continue to provide our unique products to machine tool and industrial machine manufacturers and precision machining sites.

Continuously developing the best products in the industry

Until now, “Oilmatic” has adopted our own inverter control, gas bypass PID control, twin pulse valve control (patented), etc. We have a lineup of control products. We have many industry-first development achievements, such as products that can control temperatures within ±0.05°C and control technology with temperature accuracy of ±0.00055°C (room temperature fluctuation within ±0.04°C) for ultra-precision machine tools. In addition, “Oilmatic” is customized according to the specifications, processing conditions, and operating environment required by the customer, and is offered as a one-of-a-kind specification product.

for carbon neutral society
Efforts in product development

Our products, including OILMATIC, are not just “chillers”.

As an interface that supports the accuracy of machine tools and industrial machinery, we are required more than ever to play a role in the realization of a decarbonized society.

We are deepening our development from the environmental perspective, with the thought that it is precisely because it is a device responsible for the accuracy of the “mother machine”.

  • OILMATIC Cny series

    OILMATIC with green refrigerant

    OILMATIC, which uses a green refrigerant (R-1234yf) with the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) of “1”, is developed as the “GreenR” series. Equipped with unique technology in the refrigeration cycle.

  • Purematic W2200

    Water-cooled “PUREMATIC”

    The heat lost through heat exchange with machine tools and industrial machinery is discharged to the cooling water supplied from the cooling tower instead of in the air, which leads to energy saving by suppressing the room temperature rise in the factory.


For ultra-precision machine tools and fine processing machines

C μ series

Oilmatic is in the ±0.05°C range―

In recent years, along with the development of ultra-precision processing machines and high-precision micro-processing machines, there have been remarkable advances in processing precision. In response to requests for temperature control in a compact size with a high degree of accuracy within ±0.05°C, we have newly developed the Oilmatic “Cμ” series and added it to our lineup. did. In addition to cooling the spindles of high-precision machine tools, it is also used for high-level thermal displacement suppression in applications such as hydrostatic bearing (guide) oil cooling, feed axis drive linear motor cooling, ball screw shaft core cooling, and machine body temperature cooling. It works effectively and maximizes machine performance.

  • high performance controller

    Equipped with a newly developed high-performance controller. In addition to improving the precision of the temperature sensor and improving the control accuracy of the inverter speed, a temperature drift correction circuit is also installed.

  • Space saving

    Significant downsizing is achieved by eliminating the need for an attenuation tank that requires a large volume. It contributes to the effective utilization of the site area in the factory.

  • Energy saving

    By adopting our unique inverter control system, energy saving is improved compared to the conventional gas bypass control system with an attenuation tank. In addition, the twin pulse valve control area greatly shortens the temperature stabilization time in addition to high-precision temperature control.

  • application

    We promote high-speed and high-precision machine tools and industrial machinery, and bring out their true potential. In addition to the diagram, we also support a wide range of machine groups such as “NC lathes”, “electric discharge machines”, “press machines”, and “physical and chemical equipment/medical equipment”.

For spindle cooling, hydraulic oil temperature control, lubricating oil temperature control

  • C- series

    The design has been renewed, and the conventional MRSC series has been reviewed in terms of specifications, price, environment, and all other aspects to develop an eco-friendly space-saving model.

    By newly adopting twin pulse valve control, we have achieved high-precision liquid temperature control over a wide range from low load to maximum heat load.

    (Patent: No. 4786960)

  • CL series

    This is a high-precision model with a forced circulation cooling system, Oilmatic, and employs our original “Gas Bypass PID Control”. By linearly varying the cooling capacity to match the heat load, the liquid temperature can be controlled with high accuracy over a wide range from low load to maximum load (Patent No. 5020664).

  • MLSA/MLSB series

    The MLSA series is a standard model of the forced circulation cooling system Oilmatic without a reservoir tank and has been developed for cooling the open spindle head. Refrigerator ON/OFF control is adopted, and gas bypass control is adopted for model 11 and above. The MLSB series, which is a standard model of the forced circulation cooling system Oilmatic with a reservoir tank and was developed for cooling the sealed spindle head, has a structure in which the reservoir tank is arranged compactly at the bottom of the MLSA series Oilmatic body.

Machine temperature control, coolant temperature control

  • V- series

    The design of the KTV series has been renewed. Like the C series, by newly adopting twin-pulse valve control, high-precision fluid temperature control is achieved over a wide range from low load to maximum heat load, contributing to energy saving. (Patent: No. 4786960)

  • KTV series

    Oilmatic is a type of oilmatic that is mainly installed in the coolant tank of machine tools, etc., and is immersed to exchange heat. Due to the forced stirring effect, the temperature distribution in the coolant tank becomes uniform, and the adhesion and accumulation of chips on the cooling coil are minimized, maintaining stable cooling efficiency over a long period of time.

    In addition to specifications with a heater for initial heating, various options such as a tank and a coolant pump are available according to the customer’s request. In addition to coolant liquids for machine tools, it is also possible to control the temperature of various liquids such as water and oil. (Please contact us for the types of liquids that can be used.)

  • MLCC(KTCG)/MRCC series

    The KTCG type Oilmatic connects the body and the coolant tank with a pipe, and cools the coolant liquid by exchanging heat with the coolant that flows through the cooler provided in the body. If the liquid temperature is lower than the set temperature, a heater for initial heating (option) can be attached for stable temperature control at all times. Both ON-OFF control method and inverter control method are available.

    (MRCC series patent: No. 4786960)