capable of cooling up to “maximum -80℃”
Energy-saving ultra-low temperature automatic temperature controller

This is a new field ultra-low temperature automatic liquid temperature controller that achieves stable control with temperature accuracy within ±1.0°C at an ultra-low temperature control range of -50°C to -80°C. It is an energy-saving machine that uses a highly safe, non-flammable high-performance liquid (fluorine-based inert liquid) as the heat transfer medium and maintains the set temperature without using a heater.

A new field for stable control of ultra-low temperature cooling

“Oilmatic” was born in 1965. Our company, which was an automobile parts manufacturer, was faced with the issue of how to control the “heat” of the machine tools used and maintain machining accuracy. We studied the heat generation and thermal displacement of machines, derived theories and calculation methods, developed an automatic temperature controller for cooling oil to minimize heat problems, and eventually commercialized it as “Oilmatic.” is. Since then, we have always listened to the voices of the field, repeatedly developed technologies to solve heat-related problems, and continue to provide our unique products to machine tool and industrial machine manufacturers and precision machining sites.

Customized for your usage environment

Application example: Temperature control for various semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, etc. Cooling equipment for chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical development, environmental testing, etc. Insulated cooling for electronic devices, communication devices, rectifiers, etc. In addition, we provide customization according to the customer’s application and usage environment.。