For performance improvement
of various industrial machines.
Controlling “water” at a highly accurate and
optimal temperature

This is an automatic liquid temperature controller for when “water” or “pure water” is used as the heat medium. Used for cooling machine elements such as laser processing machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment such as exposure equipment, medical equipment, and linear motors, it achieves extremely high-precision temperature control.

Responding to heat problems in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Among semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, linear motors, and other industrial equipment, there are devices that require the use of “water” or “pure water” as a coolant against heat during operation. “Purematic” is a liquid temperature automatic adjustment machine for “water” and “pure water” in such cases. There are cases where extremely high-precision temperature control is required, and some of our products use the highest level of technology. In particular, we are providing the world’s highest level temperature controllers to semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers.


For spindle cooling, hydraulic oil temperature control, lubricating oil temperature control

  • W series

    This model is capable of highly accurate temperature control of the water used in the built-in motors and linear motors of the spindle heads of machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and various industrial machines, and employs an inverter control method. Equipped with “twin pulse valve control (patented)” that can control the liquid temperature with high accuracy even in the low load range, enabling a wide range of control from low load to maximum heat load.

  • P series

    This model was developed for the purpose of highly accurate temperature control using water, pure water, and other special liquids as a heat medium, mainly for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, and other industrial machinery and physics and chemistry equipment. As with the W series, it is equipped with an inverter refrigerator and performs twin-pulse valve control for wide-range, high-precision temperature control. We have a wealth of experience in supplying OEM products, such as embedding them in the main body of equipment.