Introduction flow

We are promoting product development in unison with the development teams of manufacturers of various production goods such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, as well as the users and maintenance staff who create parts and products using those production goods. This is a great strength to meet various needs. We will guide you through the flow to bring out the best performance of the machine.

  1. Flow-1


    Please contact us directly by phone, fax, etc., including our website. It is also possible to inquire through a trading company with which you do business.

    If you fill in the necessary items in the “Model Selection Survey Sheet” from the “Support/Inquiry” section of the website and contact us, we will be able to respond more smoothly.

  2. Flow-2


    A sales representative with technical knowledge will respond to your inquiry. In addition to face-to-face meetings, online meetings such as web meetings are also possible.

    We also have meetings with technical staff accompanying or present.

  3. Flow-3

    Submission of specifications and quotations

    Based on the content of the meeting, we will conduct a technical review. We think of the best way to meet your needs, create specifications, and submit a quote.

    When updating or retrofitting machine tools, we are able to design and manufacture the latest specifications using refrigerants that are currently available.

    If the parts are updated or the specifications are changed, we will create a new specification sheet and submit a new quotation.

  4. Flow-4


    We design specifications that maximize the performance of machines based on the knowledge gained from thousands of types of abundant specifications and know-how accumulated over 60 years. Based on the developed drawings, we manufacture equipment based on strict quality standards.

  5. Flow-5

    Performance inspection/Delivery

    Each assembled product is carefully inspected for performance. Confirm that the performance as specified in the specifications is demonstrated. Upon request, we can also conduct an on-site inspection. After the inspection is completed, the product will be securely packed and shipped to prevent problems such as tipping over during transportation.

    In addition to general cargo consolidation flights, charter flights by designated carriers are also available.

  6. Flow-6

    After-sales service

    Along with the globalization of manufacturing, the fields in which our products are active are expanding worldwide. In addition to Japan, we have partnered with partner companies overseas, mainly in Asia and North America, to enhance our service network. We are promoting the creation of a system that fulfills our responsibility as a “brand that supports the brand” by making “not stopping the line” the first priority and responding quickly to failures.