OIL/PUREMATIC monitoring software

Product Summary

can centrally manage up to 4 units of oilmatic and
purematic data attached to various machine tools
and semiconductor manufacturing equipment .

  • Communication board and monitoring software (option) enable
    collection of various information on our products.

  • Equipped with RS-232C/RS-422, RS-485* (can be mixed)

    Up to 4 products can be monitored simultaneously

    * Communication with RS-485 requires a converter from RS-232C.

  • Compatible with Windows7/10 (Home/pro, 32bit/64bit)

Product features

  • Various temperatures (master/slave/fuselage/room temperature), control modes, set values, and manipulated variables can be displayed and recorded at the same time.
  • It is possible to start/stop and change setting values ​​by various remote operations.
  • Time axis, manipulated variable scale, and temperature scale can be set arbitrarily.
  • Various monitored data can be saved (CSV format) (also supports automatic saving)
  • It is possible to manage the history of the occurrence of an alarm, and at the same time check the record of the operating state including before and after the occurrence.
  • Control amount fixed operation of cooling capacity and control pattern (PID value) can be changed (usually not used)

how to use

  • Set up to 4 connection destination devices

  • The monitor can control 4 units at the same time.

Operating environment

  • Compatible OS・Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional (32bit/64bit)
    ・Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro (32bit/64bit)
    CPU (recommended)Intel Core i5 or higher
  • memory (recommended)RAM: 4.00GB or more
    Hard disk
    HDD: 500GB or more