Completion of “Eda Plant E3″

August 29,2023

Maebashi,GUNMA-KANTO SEIKI(President:Ebisawa,Tsuyoshi, referred to as “the Company”) held a “completion ceremony” for the “Eda Plant E3,” which had been under construction as a manufacturing facility for liquid temperature automatic control equipment mainly used in semiconductor manufacturing devices, on August 28th.


With the aim of realizing a “Wellbeing Factory” that is clean, user-friendly, and provides an innovative and open environment to fully embody our company’s motto of “Pioneer Spirit,” we are gradually commencing operations and plan to achieve full-scale operation in November, ensuring the confidence of all stakeholders including customers and suppliers.


Since 1961, our company has been contributing to the precision of machine tools, which are essential in manufacturing, by starting our business with the production of automotive parts at the current Eda Plant and subsequently shifting our focus to the development and production of our flagship product, “Oilmatic” (automatic oil temperature controler). Over the course of more than 60 years, we have played a role in supporting the precision of machine tools, the cornerstone of manufacturing.


In recent years, the technology and expertise in thermal displacement control cultivated through “Oilmatic” have been applied not only to ultra-precision machine tools but also to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, driven by strong demand. In addition to increasing production capacity, improving productivity for shortened lead times, and establishing a stable supply system, all aimed at addressing urgent issues.


The newly completed “Eda Plant E3” aims to achieve

(1) 1.5 times the current production capacity,

(2)20% increase in productivity compared to the present, and

(3) risk mitigation through mutual backup with the head office factory (Maebashi City) to provide a mechanism for customers to confidently patronize our products.

Moreover, the roof is equipped with a 100kW solar power generation system to secure a stable power source through the utilization of renewable energy and to reduce CO2 emissions.


Furthermore, in line with our other motto, “Think GLOCAL” (contributing to the world while being rooted in the local community), the project members involved in the design, supervision, construction, and financial institutions for the construction of the “Eda Plant E3” were all composed of companies based in the local area (Maebashi City). Leveraging each company’s strengths and receiving unique support, the project was undertaken as one team, leading to the successful completion of the project without any accidents.


In accordance with the medium-term management plan “STEP2025,” which sets 2025 as the final year, the Company will position the “Eda Plant E3” as a model of a “Smart Factory,” focusing on digitization and robotics, and utilize it as a flagship factory to realize our corporate mission of “We stand behind the brand.”


Overview of the Eda Plant E3(New Plant)


Name: KANTO SEIKI Eda Plant E3

Location: KANTO SEIKI Eda Plant Site (456 Eda-machi, Maebashi City)

Total Floor Area: Approximately 2,000 sq. m.

Floors: 2 above-ground floors, steel frame construction

Investment Amount: Approximately 700 million yen

Commencement: October 2022

Completion: August 2023

Design Supervision: ISHII Sekkei.Co.,Ltd

Construction: Sata Construction Co.,Ltd.

Completed “Eda Factory E3 Building.”
Address by President and CEO Tsuyoshi Ebisawa at the Completion Ceremony
“Factory Interior (Tour Path)”
“Automated Warehouse”
“Monitor displaying the operational status of the solar power generation system”
“Solar power generation system installed on the roof (from the guided video)”