The “Credo for the 63rd fiscal year (ending April 2024)” has been formulated.

We have formulated a credo for the new fiscal year (63rd fiscal year) that began in May 2023.
Credo is a Latin word meaning “aspiration, promise, or creed,” and we define it as “a set of beliefs and guidelines for action that employees should keep in mind.
It has been continuously distributed to our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, and other stakeholders since our 55th fiscal year (FY2015).

For more information, please click here (pdf) from credo_63.

【Reference】Corporate philosophy: “We stand behind the brand.”

Our customers are manufacturers of “production goods” such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that boast extremely high precision and production efficiency, as well as excellent “production sites” around the world that produce the parts and products processed by these products. Our mission is to support our customers’ brands by improving the performance of machine tools and other production goods and automating production sites, thereby becoming an indispensable behind-the-scenes force in the manufacturing process.

We, who support our customers’ brands, also want to be a brand.

To realize this never-ending mission, we will take pride in our daily work and continue to take on challenges as a united company based on a pioneering spirit, while responding to changes in the internal and external environment.